Tips for Your Christmas Preparation to Bali


Whooa, we are just 22 days to Christmas celebration,
Have you packed your bags and prepare the Christmas plans for this season?

Bali Christmas Tree

We do have few tips for your Christmas preparation to Bali, so your Christmas holiday trip at Bali become fantastic and stress-free :)

1. Checklist all your travel documents

Make your own travel check lists, and check them as many times as it takes to ensure you don’t end up presenting an expired passport at airport check-in. If it is valid then be aware that some destinations require you to have at least six months on it, otherwise you may get a less than festive welcome at immigration. Organize necessary paperwork before you leave and make any mandatory arrangements prior to flying.

2. Label your luggage

Labeling luggage yourself may just save you the heartache of losing it. Write the address of your destination hotel on the front of the tag and your home address or your phone number inside. You can also attaching something identifiable, such as coloured ribbon. Don’t forget leave unnecessary things at home so you will avoid to pay any excess baggage fees :)

3. Print off the name and address of your hotel

Print out the name and address of your hotel and screenshot directions on your smartphone to show the taxi driver, in case the driver doesn’t know the exact location of your hotel. Also consider bringing the copy of your hotel reservation voucher to ensure a smooth and speedy check-in process once you finally arrive.

4. Remember chargers and adaptors

Make sure to pack all chargers for any electrical equipment you plan to take with you, including phones, laptops and the right adaptor for your destination.

5. Bring an entertainment pack and some snacks for the kids

Keep children entertained on board and prepare an activity pack to keep their idle thumbs busy during the flight, such as colouring books, stickers, smart phone games and apps are all good options. Don’t forget bring some favorite snacks which can cheer them up.

6. Plan your days
Plan out for your holiday route, for example, if you are at Ubud, you may start the day with going to Ubud market, shopping and dining at the restaurants nearby, or you may also visit the Tegalalang beautiful rice fields, and even the temples around there!

Last but not least,
Wishing you a wonderful joyful Christmas holiday in Bali!

We are looking forward to welcoming you very soon :)

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