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Are you coffee lovers? If you visit Ubud, never forget to visit Bali’s special coffee brew at Seniman Coffee Studio Ubud (opens from 8 AM – 10 PM daily).
This coffee studio has an unique 4th Wave, which means world-class design of serving (from in-house craft roasted beans to the unique furniture, menu, music playlist, and a world-class coffee taste).
The coffee beans are coming from accross Indonesia, South / Central America and Africa.

As active members of The Specialty Coffee Association, Seniman Coffee Studio Ubud are fully qualified Q Graders, accredited members of the Coffee Institute, and professional barista trainers.
Seniman Coffee Studio Ubud also received many industry awards for their creative approach to coffee and design, numerous magazine front covers about Seniman, editorial features and TV showcases along the way.

Seniman Coffee Studio Overview

Seniman Coffee Studio Ubud

Seniman Coffee

Seniman Coffee servings

Remember to ask the Baristas what menu they have for today!

All their espressos are double ristrettos – it’s richer, and sweeter.
The Baristas also know how to serve the coffee from all over the world. Just ask for the bean and they will do the best technique to bring out the best in each roast.

Seniman Coffee Studio have also developed a range of blends to suit manual and espresso drinks from shots to cappuccinos. Try E.S.P. and Trans-X for starters. They may also have some special single-origin espresso to try too.

A bottled version Cold Brew (R2D) ‘ready 2 drink’ cold brew is also available at this place. As its cold brewed you can keep it refrigerated for a few weeks at home or just drink it at the bar!

Must visit place for coffee lovers :)
Seniman Coffee Studio Ubud
#5 Jalan Sriwedari, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia 80581
phone. +62-81-236-076640

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