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Visiting Bali, and Ubud especially, is not just about seeing the beauty of its nature, culture, going for dining and shopping. But if you can speak some of the citizen’s bahasa (language), then you will get more respect and also special price for the bargaining! (you may believe it or not). It is fun to learn something new, especially about local people language, when you are visiting their places.

Surely with learning Bahasa Indonesia, it will make your holiday journey more fun and memorable.

At Pondok Pekak Library, they do offer many classes for people who wants to learn about Balinese crafting, dancing and many more. Now they are opening new class for learning Bahasa Indonesia:
– Private Classes (1 – 2 pax)
You may learn for 1,5 hours with flexible scheduling. Recommended for 2 – 3 lessons per week for optimization of learning process. Private lessons are customized to fit your level and your needs.

– Group Classes (3 – 8 pax)
4 weeks intensive course in Bahasa Indonesia, 3 days per week (2 hours per day), also there are options for 2 and 3 weeks course. This group class is focus on beginners but they can afford advanced lessons if there’s demand.
Pondok Pekak Library

Pondok Pekak Library Learning Bahasa Indonesia Lessons

Pondok Pekak Library is open daily from 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM,
and their Children’s Library is open daily from 10.00 AM – 5.00 PM.

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Pondok Pekak Library
East side of the football field, Monkey Forest Road Ubud
Phone. +62 361 976194

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