Fireflies Countryside Tour Ubud


During your holiday in Bali, why don’t you take the rare chance to meet the fireflies (or called “Kunang-Kunang”) in Ubud?
The fireflies are only able to be seen in their nature, unspoiled and unpolluted rice fields, far away from crowded areas.
That is why now in big cities we cannot see this beautiful fireflies light. Not only seeing, catch and release the fireflies, but in this tour you will also learn about the behavior and uniqueness of these insects.

Enjoy also other sounds of the countryside, with crickets, frogs, gecko, etc in the distance.
You will also get the quick lesson about the rice paddies & harvest cycle, subak irrigation system, ducks, and animals.

The tour is limited to 3 times a week in effort to give balance to the nature and the people living in the village.
The fireflies also need time to rest and continue their reproductive cycle.

Psst.. the best time to see the fireflies is from April – October.
As long as it’s not raining, we should be able to see the fireflies.



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